The Ultimate Poker Guide 2016

April 25
12:53 2013

Are You Looking To Play Poker This Year? Well, Then You Must Certainly Read This Poker Guide For 2016. Enjoy!

Here are some top tips and tricks you could use this year:

Be Patient

This is the most important skill while playing any type of poker. But what about the penny tables? Many people who play at these tables play every hand since it is so cheap. Just because it is cheap to see the flop, it doesn’t mean you are not losing money. Again, the main thing at these tables is to make money. If you play almost every hand, you might get lucky once in a while, but you will end up losing more money than you make.

Don’t play every hand

Like previously mentioned, don’t play every hand you get. Of course, play the premium hands like AA, KK, and AK, and of course, fold hands like 7 2. You might want to give a look at A9s and below. The main focus with these types of hands is to see the flop as cheap as possible. Try not to call any raises with hands like these.

Also, play high suited connectors, like 89s. But, try not to call raises with these hands. With such low blinds, you will be able to play more hands, but don’t play too many and don’t call any large raises with hands that aren’t the best.

Finally, try to play almost all pocket pairs. A lot of people don’t really like playing hands like pocket 2s, but at low stakes, give them a shot at a cheap flop. Of course, like all moderate hands, don’t call and don’t make large raises.

Bet, raise or fold

Don’t be afraid to bet large, but really try not to bet large without a very good hand. The best way to play is to not raise preflop with many hands at all. Usually don’t raise with pocket pairs of 9s or lower. This is because you don’t really want to be putting in more money than necessary before the flop.

If you feel you have the best hand, continually raise your bets after each round. This makes your hand seem even stronger. Don’t be afraid to bet, raise, or fold. Remember, you are never pot committed until you are all-in. You can always fold and wait for another hand.

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