How to have better poker hands

April 25
12:53 2013

Let’s face it – poker is not all about having the best poker hands, it’s more about the ability to make the right decisions at the right time that will, in the end, bring you the results you are waiting for. Therefore, deciding upon what poker hands are worth to be played and what not, can actually get to influence the outcome.

But, how can you make the difference between winning poker hands and the perfect time to fold? There are indeed some game hints you just have to spot. Take a look down below and get some tips that can help you become a better poker player!

Recognizing the winning poker hands

To begin with, poker is one of those complex types of games that you simply cannot learn at once. You need time to gather info, put it into practice and see what really works and what doesn't.

From another point of view, there are some key essentials every poker player must understand before starting to bet. Noticing your best poker hands and being confident in your decision can actually enhance your chances of success.

Here are some things you have to pay attention to when deciding whether to bet or not:

  • New pot odds call for estimation

Online poker is a game of betting, cards and people. So, understanding from the start these three factors can give you an edge over your competition. The moment you decide whether to bet at a table or not, requires your full attention; one of the first things you have to think about is the pot odds. How much do you have to bet? How much can you win? Balance things wisely, analyze your cards and think about your best strategy.  

  • Unexpected situations call for adaptation

Being able to adapt is essential at online poker. There is no pattern that everybody follows and no predictable tendencies. Every game is different, here! You have to analyze it beyond your cards and go a little bit further into the matter. Otherwise said - take into account the probabilities and make logical decisions.

  • Short-term focus calls for intuition

As some call it gut feeling or sixth sense, intuition plays a vital role in poker. Even though maths and psychology are said to be the dominant elements in poker, intuition is thought to come in third place, and there is no wonder why. But what about online poker? Yes, intuition can also help you here too. Just think about the timing of actions, this can give you the hint you were looking for. However, always have in mind – there is no 100% success, but by developing game intuition, you can actually get to be a better player.

There you have it – the secret to better poker hands stays in your ability to use the cards that you have while believing what your intuition tells you! You should play your strong hands and fold the weaker ones. Hint: you shouldn’t wish to have the best hand at the table, instead, you should wish to have the hand with the best chances of winning, that’s all…

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