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April 25
12:53 2013

What do you think? What matters the most in poker - to have a well-trained mind or to have the right set of skills? Or both? We'll find the answers together...

Is poker a psychological game or it's more a game based on skills and luck? This everlasting discussion led throughout the years to a huge number of debates. A fact is certain - some players will be luckier and more experienced than others, the secret is to get your strategy as close to perfection as possible; if doing so, results will come too. So, let's get a more in-depth approach!

Psychology and Poker

Poker is the one game that can sometimes be referred to as a sport; it's about keeping your mind fit and it has to do with the psychological decisions that make the player win or lose. This is why so many call it the game of the mind. One player can influence his/her opponents and the other way around. How? By inducing an idea supported by game moves! A long-term winner in this game knows that not only the cards you receive are important but more the way you choose to play them affects the end result!

Poker Tips & Tricks

Why do so many players never want to leave the table even though they have lost numerous times? Well, the craving to become a winner overwhelms the feeling of loss - 'Who knows, maybe I'll win next time!' But let's make something clear - that's nothing wrong with being optimistic, however, poker should always be associated with responsible gambling. Don't be reckless! There is always a tomorrow when you'll probably see things with other eyes.

Give yourself the chance to take your time and reflect. Desperation doesn't help you in playing poker. Stay connected to the game, but judge it from an objective point of view. Have in mind - you're not a winner every day!

Moreover, always focusing on winning and not on gaining experience is a common mistake. Don't be one of those players who's ego doesn't fit their shoes...

Logic and Poker

Applying your logic to any game that involves skill will definitely give you an edge over your opponents. Good players balance the pros and cons in every pot to see if risking that much money will bring a great reward or not.

Judging by how fast or slow your opponents fold can tell a brief description on what they are holding. Get your observation spirit involved and over the time, you'll get to spot all these details fast and without a struggle. Nobody enjoys losing money, but sometimes you need to lose money to learn something new!

How to avoid being read

Let's face it - as you are trying to read your opponents, others are trying to do the same thing with you. Of course, at online poker, this might be a little bit more difficult, but it applies in this case too - the time it takes for you to decide, your bets and even your moves are analysed. Whenever you're trying to bluff have in mind what you did when not bluffing and try to act in the same way. Any type of gesture, move or expression are noticed and remembered by your game opponents. Try to give them as few hints as possible!

Playing aggressively?

Making impressive bets can have two psychological effects - either your opponents will choose to fold, or they will get more enthusiastic about the opportunity to make some good money. Thus, choosing to play aggressively might just not be a smart thing to do. Taking your chances when playing aggressively should mean that you are ready to spend the money you're getting into your game. Hint: Only play as much as you can afford to spend!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, poker involves much more than seeing your cards and placing bets out on the table. It is a game which can be mentally confusing and involves skills just as much as luck. Not getting affected when losing money is easier said than done, of course. But remember - it depends from which side you're seeing the issue... Try to gather solid knowledge info and make yourself a game strategy before hoping to win money... After all, poker involves psychology, skills, luck and a good strategy!

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